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Data Center Migration

Once your data center strategy is established, as well as a plan forward for appropriate data protection measures, possibly including DRaaS, there is often an exercise to move servers (physical or virtual) from one location to another. We employ a project methodology and discovery methodology to help with this. You can harness Structured’s collective expertise including engineering and project management skills, to meet their goals.

IT Engineers and Technician discussing t
Team Meeting

Let us facilitate a migration workshop for you, where we'll follow a process and employ these steps to help ensure the migration is a success. From a discussion of the migration considerations- compute, storage, network, change windows; assessing your current situation; reviewing the budget, scope, and schedule of the effort; discussing infrastructure and design considerations; to ultimately crafting the ideal data center buildout and migration plan- we can help be your guides through this sometimes complex process! We bring the structure around project management and know how to employ the right tools and techniques to deliver projects on time. All while we communicate to key stakeholder groups so no one’s left in the dark.

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