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Data Protection


Our approach can help with tools and technology solutions, both for your on-prem, co-lo, or cloud environment, to keep data protected, safe, and available so your customers can continue to do business with you no matter what happens. We help plan and mitigate risks, not just risks from events like natural disasters like wildfires, tornados, earthquakes, but also internal and external cyber threats that put company data and information at risk.

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In addition to software and systems, having alternatives to your operating systems out of in the event of any incident can help keep things up and running. Consider a Backup as a Service (BaaS) environment to keep data protected offsite, to aid the recovery in the event of a disaster, or, a full DR as a Service (DRaaS) solution employing standby compute, storage, network, to run your whole (or part) environment in an alternate environment in the event of a failure or disaster at the primary site.

DIsaster recovery. Data loss prevention.

Choosing the right solution, either co-lo, BaaS, or DRaaS, can be a challenging exercise. Let Structured IP help you navigate that process to choose the right provider and the right solution. A decision that's based on your current operating environment, what your strategy is for both now and the future, as well as business requirements and objectives including but not limited to your RTO or RPO (Recovery Time Objective or Recovery Point Objective) and other technical requirements and budgetary constraints.

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